by Bruce Yaeger

Wrestling Brothers takes you into the heart of rarely publicized discussions among religious
thinkers who want to integrate science into their worldview. This book is unique in the way it blends history, theology, psychology, and spirituality.

Here you will learn:
       •  Where the science vs. religion “warfare” myth
       •  What was the most troublesome issue about evolution
           behind the Scopes “Monkey” trial. (It wasn’t about
           reading the Bible literally.)
       •  The dirty secret about evolution. (It’s not about
           our animal ancestry.)
       •  How modern pesticides led to the re-discovery of two
          medieval Christian thinkers.
       •  How religion can benefit from recovering a cosmic
           perspective drawing upon science.

Wrestling Brothers reveals the possibilities and challenges of making faith-traditions more relevant in our scientific age. Thoroughly researched and documented, yet highly readable, it will provide enlightenment to students, teachers, religious leaders, laypeople — and even those who might have given up on religion.

The 2019 Expanded Edition even includes a 12-page Discussion Aid.
Bruce Yaeger has been a lecturer and teacher for over thirty years. He holds a degree in Religion and English from Trinity University, and has done postgraduate study at the University of Chicago’s Divinity School and at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. He has given highly-praised presentations in diverse churches and for the Foundation for Contemporary Theology. He specializes in topics that relate religion, spirituality, and theology to science and Nature.

“Bruce Yaeger is the most theologically literate,
and articulate lay person I have known 
in my thirty years of ordained ministry.”
     — Guinn Blackwell-Eagleson, D.Min.

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